My Little Sunshine LARGE OS Diaper & Soakers Pattern – US Letter Size


My Little Sunshine LARGE One Size Diaper & Soakers pattern.

This diaper will fit babies from approximately 15-53lb. The pattern includes a shell, with a long snap-in or lay-in soaker, and a small booster. There is an option for a pocket, or the snake can be snapped into the shell. Tummy elastic is optional and can be omitted without changing the fit of the diaper.

This pattern can be used to make diapers for personal use. It can also be used to make diapers to sell in small-scale production only.
Mass manufacturing and factory production of diapers made using this pattern is prohibited.

Please note that this pattern is recommended for use by experienced diaper makers.
If you are not an experienced diaper maker and require further assistance, you can purchase the step by step photo guide for how to make a diaper, separately from my store.

This pattern is designed to be printed on US Letter sized paper. If you are outside of the US, a separate pattern is available, which is designed to be printed on A4 paper.

For help and support, or to view examples of this nappy before you purchase, please join the My Little Sunshine MCN group on Facebook.